month: December 2009

Misty and Jason were reffered to us by Michelle and Mike (past wedding). We started the engagement session on Bay Shore, then moved downtown, ended up at the new River walk.  We are looking forward to their wedding this May. They have a pretty funny story about how they slowly moved from being friends to becoming engaged. Having your life mate as a friend is a great idea. The session was really fun, we took some nice evening photos that came out pretty well.

Here’s a slide show from the session

Congrats Misty and Jason!

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They came up from Miami. The wedding was at a church near down town St Pete, (St Pauls).

The reception was at the Mahaffey Theater. Lisette wanted to give us lots of time for romantic and creative photos, because that is very important to her. That’s the type of weddings we love to photograph! We can certainly capture the traditional images, but we love to find new and creative places and ways to create memorable wedding photos. Josh at the Mahaffey helped by giving us access to the theater its self for a couple of minutes.

Enjoy the slide show video we made for Lisette and Stephen.

We met Natalie, along with a friend at a Bridal Show we were part of. She was not engaged at the time and was helping her friend look things over. Her friend , Cassie, signed with us and when Natalie got engaged , she signed with us too. For Natalie and Brian’s engagement session, she wanted to celebrate her Cuban heritage. So we went to Ybor of course.
Brian used to pitch for the San Diego Padres and now has his own company in Tampa. Our session ended up at the Columbia Restaurant. So we had dinner and watched the salsa dancers. We are looking forward to their wedding in February.

Congrats Natalie and Brian!

We photographed Mary and Brendan’s wedding a couple of years ago, so now was time for their first baby portraits. Noah was one of the most behaved babies we have ever had! I kept waiting for a tantrum or something, but he was just having fun. Some little ones don’t like the lights and all of the excitement.

Here are a few from the session.

Theresa and Alistair met in a hospital… they are Doctors. Her family comes from Cuba and his from Scotland. And

yes, the guys did wear kilts. The women at the resort were very curious while I was photographing the men. People came in from all over the country, and of course Scotland.

So it was a pretty diverse event. Wonderfully put together by Grande Occasions. The Trade Winds Resort was transformed with lighting effects and design by Artistry Designs Group The party was very lively thanks to George and Jam entertainment. We were with them all day and here are a few moments that we captured.

Congrats Theresa and Alistair!