month: January 2010

Matthew is from Fl but met Nadine while in school in Ohio. They are getting married here in July. We shot their engagement session in Channel Side area. This time the temps were very nice! DeNeal was with me assisting and helping w/ the lighting (then we go out to eat after ;-) ). It is a destination wedding for Nadine and her family. She always wanted a beach wedding. But I’m sure she would have married Matthew even if he was not from Fl ;-) .
Congrats to you both. Here is the slide show, but check out our Face book page. I put a before and after series. To show how we make our photo visions happen.

Tami and Scott’s wedding is on Easter afternoon so we wanted to take the engagement photos soon. We started at the Vinnoy then went by Bay Walk. The last few sessions have been quite chilly, and I wear a jacket! Tami braved the cold temps and the wind. We made use of the different areas out side of Bay Walk I had my friend Roger manning the video light for romantic lighting. I am going to write a review on our Face book page of the video light I use. They seemed to enjoy themselves, despite the wind chill.

Congrats Tami and Scott, looking forward to your wedding.

Here’s a video from it.

Sarah and Ryan will be married in April at Sacred Heart in Tampa. So I met them in Down town for their engagement photos. The temps were, well, still are cold. As a Tampa wedding photographer you get the bonus of shooting all year long. But some days are not ideal. Sarah was game, as she had to get used to putting her coat on, then taking it off for photos…then putting it back on. I think a couple of times I started to shoot and then realized she still had on a winter jacket. They really like the arts, so we ended up at the Tampa theater for some fun “vintage” evening shots.

Congrats Sarah and Ryan!

Enjoy the slide show, even if they are low res.

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Heather and Chris are getting married in May, they wanted their engagement session to include their dog in Ybor. Now I’m a long time dog lover, but dogs do not like cameras, cats could care less (about anything)but dogs are uneasy with cameras around. He kept one eye on me and the other on them. We got to roam around 8th and 7th Ave and I recruited their friend to hold my light for me when it got dark. I enjoyed spending time with them and they are very happy with our results. Being a wedding photographer in Tampa gives you many options and locations to pick from.

We have started posting slide shows instead of just images. Hope you are liking them.

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Congrats Heather and Chris