month: March 2010

We knew Barbie and her family a little from church. She approached us about a family picture. Her son Marcus has severe cerebral palsy. He was very ill and hospitalized a couple of times this winter. She wanted to have something special because life can be so short. Well, Barbie is a special Mom, raising all of her children including a special needs son, on her own. Working and helping others besides. So I decided to make this one of our “giving back” projects we do from time to time. We set up a date to photograph their day as they got ready to go to the park, and at the park too. Then we are putting it into a photo story book (with a few surprises).

I was raised by a single mother (with 3 older brothers) so I have a small understanding of how hard it can be. My brothers and I made things difficult for our Mother at times.

It was an honor to follow them around at the park. Here’s a slide show from that day. Sorry, but It is a low res file.

Natalie and Brian were married at the Grand Hyatt on the causeway. Billie Jo Wilson was her wedding planner and Alexis from the Hyatt made sure everything went well. It was a very festive evening and as the party began to get late, we took Natalie and Brian around the hotel to have some fun. Brian was a good sport about it and we made him useful. So many wonderful moments we found, I can hardly wait to start on their story book.

One exchange that happened quickly was between Natalie and her mom. I shot their reflection through the mirror. As somewhat photo journalistic photographers we try to stay in the background. But we also love to create some fun images too. Here are just a few.

Congrats to Natalie and Brian!