month: June 2010

Stacy and Ian are getting married on 10/10/10. I am looking forward to it. They will be having the ceremony and reception at the Tampa Marriott Water side. It’s a great place for wedding photography.
DeNeal and I spent time with them in downtown Tampa for the engagement session. We feel quite strongly that an engagement session be a part of the whole experience. So we include it in our packages.
Here are some of the images, we love to shoot at night! The trolly car drivers probably know my name by now.

Congrats Stacy and Ian!

They were referred to us by a couple we photographed years ago. We love it when our clients think highly of us!

This wedding was up in Lake City Fl. It had a real family atmosphere and was a lot of fun. Nicoles Dad had an old collectible car that we were able to use for some shots and the golf course was pretty nice too. It was easy getting lots of personal expressive images as there was a lot of emotion all around.

Congrats Nicole and Gar!

Enjoy the slide show.

Christine and Mike were married at the Sacred Heart Church in downtown Tampa. The reception was at the Tampa Club not far away. We took some time to photograph their wedding photos at the U of Tampa and the place they first met, The Mangroves in Hyde Park. As a wedding photographer, you have to shoot in the places people are expecting, because they have seen it so many times before. But I like to find my own places as well.

Congrats Christine and Mike! I think they got delayed in Europe on their honey moon, I can think of no better place to be “stranded”

Enjoy the slide show.