month: July 2010

Vanessa and Alan were married in a Spanish church and had their reception at the Renaissance Hotel at the International Plaza. DeNeal and I enjoyed the evening, though most was in Spanish. A VERY large bridal party that filled up the party bus. Lots going on during the reception, I was concerned we would not be able to get some fun romantic images at the Hotel, but we managed about 15 minutes at the end of the night. I already knew what I wanted to do, so that speeds things up a lot. We wandered through out the hotel with lots of hidden places to shoot. There was a small entourage that followed us. Vanessa and Alan enjoyed themselves as well. Here is their slide show.

Congrats Vanessa and Alan.

Recently we entered 2 story books into a competition. There were a lot of entries and I didn’t know how we would fair. But good news ! Our storybook we designed for the Grand Hyatt (Natalie and Brian) took first place.

Also, the storybook we designed for Sarah and Ryan (at the Sacred heart church and the historic Don Vicente hotel) came in third! Of course it helps to have wonderful couples to photograph. So we thank them as well.

Here’s the covers for the 2 storybooks.

Storybook for the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Storybook for the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Sarah and Ryans cover

Sarah and Ryans cover

Heather and Chris were married at the Trade Winds resort in St Pete Beach. They were referred to us by Brendan and Kristin (we shot their wedding a couple of years ago. He told me they STILL love to look through their story book we made for them. You can see it at the Tampa Marriott Waterside.

Heather gave Chris a real nice watch (you can see it in the slide show) before the wedding. We had fun setting them up at the beach and around the Trade winds for photos. I’m so slow posting this, they have already approved their story book design. What I thought would be a slow summer has turned into anything but that.

Enjoy the slide show, as wedding photographers we get to be with so many couples on their wedding day. It is still a blast (we have shot a few ;-)

Congrats heather and Chris!