month: January 2011

DeNeal and I went to Fort DeSoto park last week to photograph Travis and Sherilyn’s engagement photos. The temp was in the 50′s, but the wind was very strong from the north. It should have been a sign when we pulled into the parking area and no one else was there. Shooting beach photos can be challenging when windy. I couldn’t use a soft box or a reflector. They would blow away. Sherilyn had a coat to wear in between shooting, that helped a lot. They were such troopers to with stand the cold wind. We will be photographing their wedding at the Davis island garden club come march. Here are a few images that I want to share.
Congrats Sherilyn and Travis!

Deirdre and Keith were referred to us by one of our past clients (Tony and Kristen). They met with several wedding photographers, but decided to go with us. Which makes us very happy of course.
So for their engagement session, they wanted to go to downtown St Pete. So I also wanted to stop by the new Dali museum to shoot some there too. Deirdre and Keith are a very fun loving couple and I wanted to show that in the photos. I had my friend Roger assist me and hold the lights. That makes going from shot to shot much faster. We are looking forward to their wedding on the Star ship in Channelside. But shooting by the Dali was pretty interesting, lots of people walking around, very busy.
When I sent Deirdre their slide show from the engagement session, she commented on how her friends thought I did a great job capturing their personalities. That made me blush a bit.
Here are some from the session.
Congrats Deirdre and Keith!

I was able to spend some time w/ a couple of high school seniors for their senior photography. I asked Jacob and Katrina where they wanted to go for the photo session. They said they love the outdoors. So we headed off to the park. I like to shoot a little differently than most of the high school senior photographers. So I brought my strobe and stand and had some fun. High school seniors are the “in between” kids and adults. So one minute we would be somewhat serious, then the next there was clowning around. That fits me pretty well. I tend to look on the lighter things in life.

Here are a few from the session.

The Hyatt on Clearwater beach just started hosting weddings about a year ago. What a beautiful location! We are honored to be one of their very limited preferred vendors. Wedding photography is very popular up and down the beaches and for a good reason, the sunsets are the best. We are looking forward to photographing there on a regular basis. If you see their terrace area for an outdoor wedding, you will be hooked. Here are just a couple images.

The Sand pearl resort in Clear water beach is a nice venue for any event, but real nice for weddings!
Angel wings photography photographs weddings up and down the west coast of Florida at many of the hotels and resorts.
Just email us your location and we will send you a slide show from that venue. For Christina and Jeff’s wedding there were many special moments.
Here are just a few.

The Don Cesar in St Pete Beach hosts over 300 wedding a year. We manage to shoot there regularly. The staff is quite good, one wedding a line of storms decided to come through with little or no warning (this is Florida). It blew the chairs down and rained quite hard. They quickly set up an indoor room for the ceremony and all was well. Beach weddings can be touch and go in the summer time. But we still managed to get a lovely shot after wards.

We love shooting at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa. Besides the over all beauty, there are so many “corners” that could keep a photographer busy a long time. Each wedding I photograph, I try to see something a little different. A new spot or view point. Maybe the light is coming in at a great angle, or I can easily change the light. Most of the day we photograph weddings from a photo journalistic stand point. I want to anticipate what is going to happen, where, and most importantly, where would be the best place for me to be when “it” happens. But when we get a chance to create something a little different, well that’s what we will do. Natalie loved the idea of jumping onto the marble table. There were many guests watching, I just made sure they were out of the way. My good friend Tony (from Artistique photography) was assisting me this day holding my light and keeping the guests out of the shots. I love being a wedding photographer in the Tampa Bay area. Lots of wonderful places to work, and we can shoot all year long!

This wedding would end up on the Star Lite Cruise Ship in Clearwater. But the ceremony was on Honey moon Island, on Memorial Day weekend. We saw these sticks sticking out on the sand and I knew I had to use them. The beach was so packed I ended up sitting on a blanket w/ a family eating their lunch, enjoying watching us. DeNeal held the flash and I shot into the sun. First we hung up Erick’s shoes and positioned Beyrel’s flowers to mimic the branches. Then I asked the vacationers if they minded me sitting w/ them to get the shot. I think the mom took a photo of us doing this set up. Yes, I did have to remove lots of swimmers in photo shop. But it was worth it, as the image has a feel like they are the only ones on the beach. And that is exactly what I wanted it to look like.

I wanted to start a series of “stories behind the images” if you will.When Ashley chose us to be her wedding photographers, part of her reason was that we create beautiful images, where ever we are at.
Here we were waiting in the narrow hallway to be introduced at the reception. The location at the Rusty Pelican is a very nice venue, but the hallway was not. The walls were a awful yellow and we were waiting for longer than we expected. I can’t stand doing nothing so I noticed the light coming down from the ceiling and asked Ashley to move under it. One of her bridesmaids was quite vocal saying “this is a terrible place to take a photo!” But Ashley did what I asked, I positioned her so the lights just opened her eyes and that was that. This is how it came out in the camera, just switched to black and white.
When her bridesmaid saw the image, she said “wow, never mind” An experienced photographer will not only see good light, but be able to make it too.
This was one of their most favorite shots.