month: March 2011

Sherilyn and Travis were married at the Davis Island Garden Club. They met in Arizona, then moved here a while ago. How I met them was kind of funny. I usually meet with people at our Carrollwood studio, but will sometimes meet at other locations. While I was visiting with a couple, Travis was listening in on our conversation. After the one couple left, he approached me and asked some more questions. Then when Sherilyn arrived, we hit it off pretty well and they decided to book us as well.

People came from as far away as Israel and AZ and Puerto Rico. The sun was shinning and everything went quite well.

I was able to get some wonderful photographs at the Hyatt downtown as Sherilyn got ready.

Congrats Travis and Sherilyn!

Enjoy their slide show.

This engagement session is with Tracey and Brad. They are getting married in Central Park (NYC) in May of 2012. I photographed them first in our portrait studio, then by the pond out back. It’s fun getting to know people and how they met. Sometimes couples come into our studio and want to see the packages and prices right away. But I like to find out how they met, how did he propose? What is important to them about their wedding day. Anybody can be a “wedding photographer”. Or so they think. But the good ones know more that just shutter speeds and F stops. They want to be emotionally invested, so they can create the best images on your wedding day! We want to connect with our clients. Any ways , here are a few from the session. I’m also excited to post Travis and Sherilyns wedding later this week.

Congrats Tracey and Brad!

DeNeal and I had the privilege to photograph Amber and Nates wedding up in Laurel Gardens. It’s in the country with rolling hills and lots of trees. I dusted off my infra red camera with excitement! Very few wedding photographers use these cameras, but I have loved infra red photography since I was a kid. These are kinda a sneak peek, we saw them w/ Nates dad at the Gasparilla arts festival. They were helping mom and dad who have a pottery business. Very nice work too. We not only photograph weddings in Tampa and St Pete, but all over the state. Enjoy these infra red images until I finish their slide show.
Congrats Amber and Nate!

OK, the last one is not IR, I just positioned them by the lamp light, but I like it anyways.

As a wedding photographer I always stress the importance of the engagement photo session. That’s why it’s included in all of our story book collections. It’s important for us to get to know each other better and for the couples to see how I work and to get comfortable in front of the camera. The nice surprise for our clients is that they have a lot of fun. Ariana and Brian came in the studio, they are getting married in Sept and having a beach wedding in St Pete. We love beach weddings!
Here are a few from the session.
Congrats Ariana and Brian.