I was able to photograph a wedding with a long time friend and photographer, Steve from Scottsdale AZ.
It was up in Cedar rapids, Iowa. I had just purchased the new radio controlled flashes from Canon (RT 600′S) and was excited to try them out. The hotel is the same one from the movie “Cedar rapids” and has many cool features for film makers and photographers. The bride, Amy and groom, Weston were open to let us try some fun things and I think everyone was worn out after a long and creative day. We rarely travel out of the state these days, but this wedding was one we wanted to shoot. We rented the Art Museum for some photos and a place for the formals. I didn’t get everything I wanted to, but we did get tons of amazing images. It helps that Amy and Weston are super good looking of course. We did the “first look” at the Art Museum. What you don’t see is all of the family and bridal party tucked away, watching every move.
Congrats to Amy and Weston!