month: December 2012

We enjoyed photographing Tracy and Rob’s engagement session on the beach. They will be getting married at the Fl Aquarium in May and it already sounds like it will be a good one! Some photographers have an “agenda” when they start out w/ engagement photos. Our only “agenda” is to make your photos look like…YOU! I spend time talking with our couples to get to know them better. And w/ a few trade secrets, I have them interacting w/ each other in no time. I also help w/ any posing. Then my favorite part is when it gets dark. That’s when I can create some photographs for our couples that very few could do. I had fun w/ Tracy and Rob, setting them up and I was far away w/ a long lens. I could capture them inter acting w/ each other and they didn’t know I was there (sort of). A lot of times the engagement sessions give us more time than the wedding day to get photos. So I want to be sure they are absolutely thrilled. If you ask them, they will tell you they are very happy with their enagement photos on the beach. And engagement sessions are included in our collections. Congrats Tracy and Rob!