month: April 2013

We often get to photograph destination weddings in St Pete and Tampa. It is a fun get away for family and friends, and a very romantic setting. Beach weddings are beautiful, romantic and special. But you do run a risk of uncontrollable weather. This last weeks wedding is a good example. The rain was cleared off and the temps finally began to rise, but that made for very thick sea fog. You have to see it to believe it. Patty and David were having their destination wedding at the Grand Plaza in St Pete Bch. If you would stand at the beach, you couldn’t see the hotel…or anything for that matter. Patty had a great outlook as she said “at least it’s not raining…”. When I set up some photographs from a distance, I could barely see them through the lens! Using a flash off camera helped to make them “pop” a bit, the rest was adding ample amount of contrast in photo shop. When you see the photograph of David’s emotion as he see’s his beautiful bride walk towards him. it looks like the image was over exposed. But really, you can’t see anything else because of the fog! We photograph weddings all up and down the Gulf Coast and are referred by many of the very best venues. Well I have rambled too long, so here are some of the photos.
Congrats Patty and David!