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Heather and Chris are getting married in May, they wanted their engagement session to include their dog in Ybor. Now I’m a long time dog lover, but dogs do not like cameras, cats could care less (about anything)but dogs are uneasy with cameras around. He kept one eye on me and the other on them. We got to roam around 8th and 7th Ave and I recruited their friend to hold my light for me when it got dark. I enjoyed spending time with them and they are very happy with our results. Being a wedding photographer in Tampa gives you many options and locations to pick from.

We have started posting slide shows instead of just images. Hope you are liking them.

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Congrats Heather and Chris

We just photographed Kristen and Lee’s wedding. But I shot some bridal portraits for a display at the reception.

I didn’t want to blog about it early as Lee may have “stumbled” on to it. Kristen did NOT want him to see her dress. She wanted something very formal (like her Grandmothers portrait) so we started with that. Then I gave her some more ideas and finished up with some of the old Hollywood style photos from the 40′s

Anyways, here are a few and I will put up some of the wedding photos soon.