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We enjoyed photographing Tracy and Rob’s engagement session on the beach. They will be getting married at the Fl Aquarium in May and it already sounds like it will be a good one! Some photographers have an “agenda” when they start out w/ engagement photos. Our only “agenda” is to make your photos look like…YOU! I spend time talking with our couples to get to know them better. And w/ a few trade secrets, I have them interacting w/ each other in no time. I also help w/ any posing. Then my favorite part is when it gets dark. That’s when I can create some photographs for our couples that very few could do. I had fun w/ Tracy and Rob, setting them up and I was far away w/ a long lens. I could capture them inter acting w/ each other and they didn’t know I was there (sort of). A lot of times the engagement sessions give us more time than the wedding day to get photos. So I want to be sure they are absolutely thrilled. If you ask them, they will tell you they are very happy with their enagement photos on the beach. And engagement sessions are included in our collections. Congrats Tracy and Rob!

Liana and Kevin will be married at the Florida Aquarium in Oct. Florida Aquarium weddings are very interesting and it is fun photographing brides and grooms with sharks behind them! Their engagement session was downtown Tampa and the evenings are getting cooler now. Prime wedding season is upon us! We photographed their friends wedding at the Florida Aquarium last year and they loved the photos and were glad to recommend us. Liana and Kevin wern’t too excited to have an engagement session, but I told them they would have fun and that they WOULD love their photos. Well, I was right, they did and do.
Here are a few from their session.

We will be photographing Corinne and Matt’s wedding at the Ala Carte Pavillion. It’s a great place for a wedding or event. But Corinne wanted to have photos on the beach for their engagement photos. It was very windy, high waves and tide. Several times we all would get hit w/ a rogue wave. But we survived and I was able to get some really nice images for them. They were even game to let me play a bit w/ the lighting. Very excited for their wedding in Nov.

I personally love to photograph engaged couples. They are so excited about the wedding and each other. My job is to make them look good and have a lot of fun in the process. I know most photographers just do a cookie cutter approach, to get it done quickly. But I like to taylor each session to the couple, then add a bit of my own personality and style. Which often includes shooting after the sun goes down.
Some of the favorite places people like to go are Clear water beach or Sand Key Park, Forte DeSoto Park. I also know of a few “secret” beaches. Either downtown St Pete or downtown Tampa offer wonderful backdrops as well. But what is more important than just a backdrop is to have someone capture you as you are. I get that compliment a lot, and nothing makes me feel better as a wedding photographer than to hear their friends say “those photos are so you guys!” Here are just a few recent photos.

I photographed Sakeena and Kevin at the beautiful Hollis Gardens in Lakeland. Great weather and we had fun getting to know each other more. Their wedding will be at the Ala Carte Pavillion next year. I wanted to mainly photograph them interacting with each other. That is the most natural way to do this. Then when it got dark, we went where there were some night lights and shot some more. Their line of work (medical field) brought them together, and they are quite excited for their wedding day! Which always makes me happy.

Here are a few images. Congrats Sakeena and Kevin!

I photographed Jany and Rafael’s engagement session in down town Tampa. It was really hot. I know, working outside in Florida in August = hot. Wedding photographers love when there is a colorful sunset. And I love to photograph when the others have packed up and left. Beautiful evening skys, brilliant neon colors and 2 people in love. Jany and Rafael will be married soon at the Don CeSar resort in St Pete beach.
There is going to be lots of family and friends gathering for the celebration. I know we will be capturing every moment for them.
Here is their slide show, enjoy. Shout out to Brie as she was my VAL (voice activated lightstand)
Congrats Jany and Rafael!

This engagement session is with Tracey and Brad. They are getting married in Central Park (NYC) in May of 2012. I photographed them first in our portrait studio, then by the pond out back. It’s fun getting to know people and how they met. Sometimes couples come into our studio and want to see the packages and prices right away. But I like to find out how they met, how did he propose? What is important to them about their wedding day. Anybody can be a “wedding photographer”. Or so they think. But the good ones know more that just shutter speeds and F stops. They want to be emotionally invested, so they can create the best images on your wedding day! We want to connect with our clients. Any ways , here are a few from the session. I’m also excited to post Travis and Sherilyns wedding later this week.

Congrats Tracey and Brad!

As a wedding photographer I always stress the importance of the engagement photo session. That’s why it’s included in all of our story book collections. It’s important for us to get to know each other better and for the couples to see how I work and to get comfortable in front of the camera. The nice surprise for our clients is that they have a lot of fun. Ariana and Brian came in the studio, they are getting married in Sept and having a beach wedding in St Pete. We love beach weddings!
Here are a few from the session.
Congrats Ariana and Brian.

DeNeal and I went to Fort DeSoto park last week to photograph Travis and Sherilyn’s engagement photos. The temp was in the 50′s, but the wind was very strong from the north. It should have been a sign when we pulled into the parking area and no one else was there. Shooting beach photos can be challenging when windy. I couldn’t use a soft box or a reflector. They would blow away. Sherilyn had a coat to wear in between shooting, that helped a lot. They were such troopers to with stand the cold wind. We will be photographing their wedding at the Davis island garden club come march. Here are a few images that I want to share.
Congrats Sherilyn and Travis!

Deirdre and Keith were referred to us by one of our past clients (Tony and Kristen). They met with several wedding photographers, but decided to go with us. Which makes us very happy of course.
So for their engagement session, they wanted to go to downtown St Pete. So I also wanted to stop by the new Dali museum to shoot some there too. Deirdre and Keith are a very fun loving couple and I wanted to show that in the photos. I had my friend Roger assist me and hold the lights. That makes going from shot to shot much faster. We are looking forward to their wedding on the Star ship in Channelside. But shooting by the Dali was pretty interesting, lots of people walking around, very busy.
When I sent Deirdre their slide show from the engagement session, she commented on how her friends thought I did a great job capturing their personalities. That made me blush a bit.
Here are some from the session.
Congrats Deirdre and Keith!