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This young lady has over come a long battle w/ cancer. Her wish is for a winter themed Quince. So we found a location (production set for a Christmas play) and I brought some lights and we went to town.
It will be an honor to photograph her big celebration. And I am looking forward to it. It has taken a whole group of family and friends to help see her through this tough journey. Congrats to everyone!

And now for something completely different.

I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful models on the beach w/ several other photographers from TAPPA. They were modeling mermaid costumes designed and made by Eric Ducharme. . His mermaid costumes were used by Lady Gaga in some videos! Quite amazing.

Being in the middle of the fall wedding season and w/ the Holiday portrait time here, it was fun for a little change of pace. We are booked up w/ weddings through 11, but can fit in a few more Holiday sessions. Call or email to schedule your session.

Enjoy the mermaids.

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Infra red photography

My love for black and white photography goes way back. Not as far back as black and white TV’s though. (jk)
So this photograph of a lovely bride is on the River Walk downtown Tampa. I shot it w/ my infra red camera and tweaked it in photo shop until I got just what I was looking for.
Digital photography is wonderful, except when you want a good black and white. It takes more than just sliding the “saturation” slider back.
I entered this image in a Professional photographers contest and it placed 3rd. I love the lines in her veil and how the clouds bring your eye back to her.
At each wedding we try very hard to create images that will standout. Enjoy!

I shot Stephanie and Marks engagement photos at our studio. Mark has come back from serving over seas and they are now in “planning mode” for their wedding day. I took some images both in the studio and out in our back yard pond. Congrats Stephanie and Mark! I can already tell the wedding will be pretty fun.

Michele and Mike are one of our “babies first year story book” clients. It includes a maternity session, early photos, 6 months and a year. Then we design a one of a kind story book just for them. Baby portraits can be challenging, but it also can be a lot of fun. They had a very “wild” coat for her and a few other outfits. Here are just a couple of images.

As I was saying, they have 3 daughters and will finally have a son. Any day now. So when they came into the studio, I made sure the kids came too. Once we finished the maternity and family images, we started having fun with the kids. As portrait photographers, we want to not just provide beautiful photos, but a fun experience too! I’m quite certain that their new baby boy will get LOTS of attention from his big sisters.

Here are a few, including the composites for the girls.

DeNeal and I got to spend a day with Sandra Pearce in Okeechobee at her studio. She is very well know for her painting photographs digitally. There are 2 ways to do this. One, you press a couple of buttons and the computer does the work(and it looks like it) and two, you are actually painting the image on your screen. Well not with paint, but you use brushes and choose styles. How you “paint” directly effects the image. As portrait photographers in Tampa, we want to be able to honor our craft by continually learning.

Payton turned one and DeNeal painted this one. The other image is an adorable one that I wanted to put up.


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We knew Barbie and her family a little from church. She approached us about a family picture. Her son Marcus has severe cerebral palsy. He was very ill and hospitalized a couple of times this winter. She wanted to have something special because life can be so short. Well, Barbie is a special Mom, raising all of her children including a special needs son, on her own. Working and helping others besides. So I decided to make this one of our “giving back” projects we do from time to time. We set up a date to photograph their day as they got ready to go to the park, and at the park too. Then we are putting it into a photo story book (with a few surprises).

I was raised by a single mother (with 3 older brothers) so I have a small understanding of how hard it can be. My brothers and I made things difficult for our Mother at times.

It was an honor to follow them around at the park. Here’s a slide show from that day. Sorry, but It is a low res file.

We had so much fun with baby Gabriella! She was very well behaved and we shot some nice images both while she slept and while awake. Michelle and Mike are very excited with their new princess. They are taking part in our Baby’s first story book project. We have several sittings through the maternity and baby’s first year. Then we design a story book that puts it all together in a keepsake story book.

Here a just a couple photos.

Looking forward to seeing her grow!

We love photographing senior portraits! There’s no hurry in the studio, just take time to have lots of fun.

Kaitlyn will be graduating this coming year and wanted something a little different or special for her photos.

Here are a few that I liked. Be sure to contact us for our Fall senior specials!

Congrats to Kaitlyn.