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We have photographed Dan and Jens daughters before. Now their new addition (Kyle) came to the studio.

I have long been aware of Dan’s obsession¬† for “anything” Superman…movies, novels, TV shows.¬† So I came up with this idea to have DeNeal sew a Superman cape and have a themed portrait session. I discussed it with Dan and he really liked the idea (what a surprise!) Dan is all about his kids, and now he has a Son to play with too.

Here are a few from the session. The first image won third place in a portrait competition recently.

Even Mom got in the action!

We just photographed Kristen and Lee’s wedding. But I shot some bridal portraits for a display at the reception.

I didn’t want to blog about it early as Lee may have “stumbled” on to it. Kristen did NOT want him to see her dress. She wanted something very formal (like her Grandmothers portrait) so we started with that. Then I gave her some more ideas and finished up with some of the old Hollywood style photos from the 40′s

Anyways, here are a few and I will put up some of the wedding photos soon.

Sarah finally made it into our studio for her senior portraits. It’s not the same as going to the “official” yearbook store. We take as long as they want, to make the process a fun adventure. Once we get the “boring” expected photos shot, then we put on her favorite music and start the fashion / beauty lighting. Add the fan and even a little hollywood lighting from the 40′s. I think every teen should get to try this at least once. Both Sarah and her sister Abigale had a blast. Here are a few.

I had a chance to shoot with some friends for a few models from “Model Mayhem”

We went around Ybor and had a lot of fun. The models, Rob, Lisa, Beatriz and Garrett were easy to work with and seemed to enjoy themselves. After a while though, it gets kind of tiring and hot. It gives us photographers a chance to try a few things out and hang out together.

Here are a few, more on the gallery / events page under model shoot.

This is going to be Sherisse and Kevin’s first child. She or he will be a miracle child at that!. So I was excited to give them some maternity images. We were going to go to the beach and do some cool things, but the chilly air moved us to the studio. Which can be pretty fun as well.

Looking and praying for a healthy baby soon!

Congrats Sherisse and Kevin.